Should you buy a townhouse when you move to Florida? What are the benefits of townhouse living?

The Benefits of Buying a Townhouse in Florida

More and more families are buying a townhome as their primary residence and we wanted to do this episode going over the many benefits of living in a townhouse as well as address some of the perceived negatives and offer a rebuttal on those. 

A townhouse is a one-family home that shares walls with the other homes next to it. A townhouse block usually consists of 3 to 5 two story homes, though single story homes do exist and those are often referred to as villas. The homeowner typically owns the house (both interior and exterior) as well as the small yard and driveway areas.  

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Whether you plan to buy a single family home or a townhouse when you move to Florida, be sure to hire a Realtor who is familiar with the area and the communities and can guide you through the process to make sure you get everything you want in your next Florida home.  

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