5 things to consider when purchasing a new construction home in Florida

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We’ve got a 💯% awesome episode for you today!  

Five important things to keep in mind when you’re considering purchasing a new construction home!  

We’ve noticed that 💯% of the people who have contacted us for help with their move to Florida have ended up purchasing a new construction home so let’s get right to this important topic!

1.) The model home is far from the base model pricing they show you.  The model will have all of the upgrades plus beautiful staging, and frequently even upgrades that aren’t even available from the builder or in the design center.  Listen to the podcast for another bonus tip we mentioned on this.

2.) Make sure you look at all of your financing options, not just the builders lender to get the closing cost credit.  It may be worth while if the builder is offering a LARGE closing cost credit but you’re probably not getting the best rate.  Make sure to listen to the episode to hear the best tip on getting the best rate possible!

3.) It’s important to make sure 💯% your questions are answered before you sign on the dotted line.  This one speaks for itself.  If you’re not comfortable with the deal and know exactly what you’re getting into, then you shouldn’t impulsively sign the contract.  The people in the model homes and sales offices are trained salespeople who aren’t afraid to apply some pressure to get a deal done.  Which leads us too…

4.) The people working in the sales offices for the builder represent the builder, hence they don’t represent your best interests.  Worse, if you walk into the model or sales office without an agent then the builder will not allow you to have your own representation unless you pay their commission.  Bringing your own agent/representive in from the start will make sure your agent gets paid by the builder and someone who is knowledgeable in this field is in your corner.  

PS- If you need to get connected with a knowledgeable agent ANYWHERE in Florida you can connect with us via the info form below.

5.) Your timeline might affect your options.  If you have 8-12 months to wait for a home to be built, then there are plenty of options available.  If you need something in the next 30-60 days, that’s going to be a bit tougher to find.  ALSO, building materials such as trusses, windows, flooring, and more are in short supply and cause either delays and/or having to select a different option on your build.  

In this episode we also mentioned asking about your home warranty and seller paid closing costs.  We took a quick deep dive into both of these topics to wrap up this episode of The Moving to Florida Show! 

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