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Rachel Williams was born and raised in Orange County, California and has been a resident of Orange County, Florida for the last year and a half.  She joins us today to discuss some similarities and differences of living in each Orange County.  

Rachel grew up in southern California and in October 2020 made her way over to Florida. For her year and a half of living here she has noticed plenty that resembles her West coast living and plenty that doesn’t. While living in California, Rachel noticed a lack of community, “you didn’t really get to know your neighbors” and there were no such things as community food truck nights where she grew up. That all changed in Florida.

Rachel mentioned that living through the pandemic put things into perspective and how she really wanted a change of pace. From there, Florida felt like the perfect fit that would give her a change of scene but also not feel too unlike home. The biggest similarity? Of course the major theme parks. Living twenty minutes from Disneyland to living 25 minutes from Disney World felt like a no brainer. Also from going to one suburban city to another right outside a major city (Los Angeles/Orlando) felt comforting. The aspect of having the city to explore by choice but not being disturbed by the hustle and bustle of it 24/7. Rachel mentions the beauty that Florida has to offer, how back in California she was use the seeing concrete sidewalks everywhere.

One thing that made Rachel question if she would be comfortable in Florida was weather. Would the humidity be too bad? Would the rain make life difficult? The answer? Not at all.

Now to the nitty gritty, housing in California vs Florida. Her personal hands on experiences compared apartments she rented in both states and how here there is opportunity to move out on your own as a young adult, where as in California the prices have skyrocketed so high that even a one bedroom apartment is extremely out of budget for someone working minimum wage at a part-time job.

When it comes to houses, Rachel states how every house she lived in in California were million dollar homes, except there was nothing spectacular about them. They were anywhere from 4-6 bedroom homes that she sees here for half the price or less. However the Florida trends are starting to match California trends. With populations growing in Florida it would not be shocking to see regular houses here, like in California, reaching those million dollar prices.

This episode dives into many more details related to these topics and just how similar yet different Orange County, California is to Orange County, Florida!

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