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Hello everybody and welcome to the blog for The Moving to Florida Show. We are creating this page as a companion to our podcast which you can find wherever you listen to podcasts.

A big welcome to all of you aspiring Floridians! This show will be your guide to all of the things you need to know for your upcoming move to Florida.

Living in the Florida Keys The Moving To Florida Show

Today we revisit our Florida Keys episode with Milly Cruz!  Today's episode is all about the Florida island lifestyle!  We discuss what life is like living in the Florida Keys with lifelong Florida Key resident Milly Cruz.  Need help with your move to Florida?You can reach us on our Moving to Florida Show Hotline by dropping a voicemail or text to 407-900-5859 Or drop us a DM on Facebook or Instagram: @movingtofloridashow and for Twitter our handle is @movingtoflshow. . If you would like to connect with us, if you have any questions, or if you need a realtor in Florida you can reach us at movingtofloridashow@gmail.com. Be sure to subscribe to the show if you like our content so that it will automatically download to your device and get you one step closer to moving to Florida!
  1. Living in the Florida Keys
  2. News and Noteworthy in Florida
  3. Notable Women in Florida History
  4. Where did people move to in 2022? Florida, Texas, and the South in general.
  5. Inflation, Recession, and The Housing Market in Florida with guest cohost Yahya Chhotani

There are a lot of people moving to Florida every day and we wanted to start a resource where people could seek out the information they need to help them make the best decision in their move to Florida. If you are considering a move to Florida from out of state or maybe even out of the country, then this podcast is for you. Maybe you already live in Florida but you’re looking to relocate. Well, our guess is you will find this information helpful as well. 

On this show we will talk about things like different parts of the state and why you may want to consider a move to one area or another. We will discuss the weather in this great state of ours and how it varies across the state, yes i’m sure there will be a hurricane discussion in there as well. 

We will discuss things like the top beach towns in Florida that you may want to consider moving to, and i’m even working on a list of the top Affordable Beach Towns! 

We will talk about cost of living in Florida in general as well as breaking that down to the cost of living in different areas because as you likely already know, Florida is a huge state with vastly different areas, towns, cities, economies, environments, etc. We have everything from small sleepy towns where you can purchase a single family home for less than $100k to multimillion dollar beachfront mansions and everything in between. 

On this show we will interview Realtors from different markets and discuss what Florida Living is really like in those areas, as well as get an overview of what the market conditions are. We will talk to mortgage brokers to learn what type of loans are available to Florida buyers. We will also have other guests on the show from time to time.  We plan to talk to all kind of Floridians from public officials, Disney Cast Members, Beach Bums, Entrepreneurs, and more.

Our goal is to get your questions about living in and moving to Florida answered. Ultimately, our real goal with this podcast is to keep you, the listener, informed so that you are confident you are making the right decision in where you choose to move to in Florida. 

We are looking forward to connecting with you everyone as we talk about your move to Florida and Stay tuned because you will be living the Florida Life before you know it!

The hosts of the show are Central Florida Realtors® Judson Osbon & Mohit Badlani.

Judson Osbon and his wife, Elizabeth, moved to Florida in 2016, coming from Louisiana. When they decided to move to FL it took a long time and a lot of research to decide where they wanted to put roots down. After their relocation Judson and Elizabeth both became licensed Realtors® and began practice real estate. As Floridians, Judson & Elizabeth have started their family here and have an 18 month old son, Brendan.

Judson realized that there was no resource out there like this show that goes through the ins and outs of moving to FL.  In moving to Florida he did a lot of research online and did not find a ton of information that helped him make an informed decision on where they would be moving. Ultimately they landed on Winter Garden and love living in this old citrus town in Central FL. As a residential real estate agent, in addition to Winter Garden, Judson focuses on the towns of Clermont, Windermere, Oakland, Ocoee, and Apopka.

Mohit Badlani was born in Mumbai, India. He was raised in Chicago, IL and for the past 20+ years has resided in Winter Garden, FL. Mohit is part of The ListingRealty. He has delivered modern and seamless results.

If you would like to connect with us about your move to Florida you can reach us at movingtofloridashow@gmail.com or you can leave your contact information in the form below. If you are considering a different part of Florida and would like to connect with a professional, vetted real estate agent you can also leave your information below.

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