Moving to Jacksonville Florida AKA Jax PLUS More Million $$$ Homes!

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Aury Rosario moved from NYC in 2016 after considering the move for over 3 years!   She joins us on the podcast today to talk all about what life is like in Jacksonville Florida.  One of the big drivers for her move was a safer place to raise her son and she has found Jacksonville AKA Jax to be very family friendly.  

Join us as she discusses different parts of Jacksonville which is one of the largest cities in the United States by landmass.   We also discussed how Jacksonville is more affordable than many other parts of Florida, how the city is gentrifying, infrastructure growth, the best beaches in Jacksonville, and the price point of homes in Jacksonville.  The Oldest Town in America, St Augustine Florida also came up in conversation as it is just 30 minutes south of Jacksonville.  

Towards the end of the recording we also dove into our new million dollar segment to discuss what a million dollar plus budget gets you in Jacksonville.  

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