South Florida Communities and Million Dollar Homes!

As we continue our million dollar series, this week we are traveling to South Florida and exploring what’s going on there.

We had the privilege of speaking to Gina Gil, a Realtor® based in the Boca Raton area, who gave us insight on what some houses look like down there in the 1-1.5 million dollar range. She starts off by reminding us all the market is a little crazy right now, but for that price point you could get a nice Condo by the water and have pretty decent luck finding that. You can’t go wrong with a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean. She mentions how there has been an abundance of newer and more expensive homes thrown in there, but for the price point we are looking at there are some beautiful older homes, looking at a 3 bed/2 bath or a 2 bed/2 bath, and a little more inland rather than directly on the coast. These homes are typically being renovated to be larger and match the construction thats changing around them.

Although a new build would seem to be a nice route to go to get the exact type of house you’re looking for, the land in Boca Raton isn’t as abundant as we see here in central Florida, so it’s a race for buyers in Boca Raton to find a house that fits all the check marks.

Moving back to Condos, there are some pros and cons to each area and the amenities provided. A higher HOA may mean better amenities and luxuries and a lower HOA may result in not having an in unit washer/dryer.

We know a lot of people who come into Florida tend to rent for their first year or two to see where they want to get settled or even have people who simply come for some seasons. In Boca Raton there options for stunning, luxury rentals that are high price points but extremely beautiful.

Secondly we had the pleasure of speaking to Realtor® Brent McCulley who is based a little more South in Fort Lauderdale. We head in to see what can a million dollars get you in this part of Florida! McCulley brings our attention to Oakland Park and the new buildings and homes coming. He first speaks about a recently renovated 2 bedroom/ 2 bath, 15 minutes from the beach, backyard pool home for $900,000 so just under that one million dollar mark!

McCulley dives into the beautiful city of Wilton Manners that he believes is also a great place to reside to get that South Florida feel. Here he closed on two 3 bedroom/ 2 bathroom homes with pools ranging from $730,000- $830,000. Reassuring there are amazing options for that million dollar budget.

Listen to the full podcast to get the full scoop on amazing places to find a home for around a million dollars!

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